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Miami is a port city  located in the southeast of  Florida , around  Miami River , between  everglades  and the  Atlantic ocean . is the  campus  the  county  from  Miami-Dade , and therefore the main, most central and most populous city in the  Miami Metropolitan Area . It is considered a  global city  of importance in the  finance , the  commerce , arts, entertainment ,  media  and  international trade .It is home to numerous corporate headquarters, banks and television studios. His  port is considered the port that houses the largest volume of  cruise ships  in the world and is also the headquarters of several cruise line companies. In addition, the city has the highest concentration of international banks in all  United States of America .


How to get to Miami

Plane: Miami International Airport is located 16 kilometers from the city of Miami. It is the main airport in South Florida and has national and international connections. It has flights to cities in Europe and Western Asia but its greatest strength is the connections with Latin America. As it is a modern and very important airport, you will find all the services in it.

Public transport: although it is not  the most comfortable, there are several public transport options between the airport  and downtown: the Metrorail,  the  Miami Beach Bus and the  Metrobus.

Car:  rent a car is  something recommended and the best is  pick you up at the airport.

Transfer service: this is the most recommended way; a driver will be waiting for you when you get off the plane to take you to your destination.

Taxi: It is the least convenient option of all, due to its high cost.

How to get around in Miami

Metromover :  automatic train moving over Downtown. Metrorail: An elevated train that runs through the city from north to south.

Metrobus :   bus network that crosses Miami in all directions.

Subway:  elevated train that crosses Miami from north to south with two 40-kilometer lines that run through 23 stations.

There are three ways to obtain passes to travel on Metrorail or Metrobús (the Metromover is free): the Easy Ticket: it is a disposable card with 60 days of validity; the  Easy Card: is a rechargeable plastic card and Easy Pay: is an app that allows you to buy your pass online and use the transportation system from your cell phone.

Taxi : they have a good service but their  price is high.

Car:  it is a city in which it is worth renting a car. The distances between places of interest are very great and public transport is very limited.

What to see in Miami


It is an island city in South Florida, which is connected through bridges with the territory of Miami. Its long beaches stretch from the North Shore Open Space Park, through palm-lined Lummus Park, to South Pointe Park. They actually form a different city from Miami and have their own city hall. But in practice it is as if they were the same city being  the best known part of Miami.  The best things to do in Miami Beach include the Art Deco District, Lummus Park, Ocean Drive, Española Way, and historic sites.  

miami miami beach

South Beach

It is the busiest and liveliest area of Miami Beach that  borders on  Government Cut  to the south and the  port of miami  east-northeast. The area offers panoramic views of  the Bay  from  biscayne  , the  fisher island  , the  downtown miami  and the  Atlantic ocean .  There is one of the most famous beaches in the world, as well as a party atmosphere throughout the day. Known as SoBe by locals,  It is the most famous and beautiful part of the city with miles of white sand, shops and good restaurants.

miami sout beach

ocean drive

This area, made up of 10 blocks from 5th Street to 14th Street, near South Beach and Lummus Park, is the center of Miami's nightlife. Here it is celebrated until the wee hours of the morning and people with money drive around in luxury cars between the many bars, restaurants and cafes. famous in  Convertible cars and loud music are the usual fauna of Ocean Drive. Whoever visits Miami cannot miss going through it, which is something like New York's Times Square.


collins avenue

This great avenue of Miami Beach is one of the most important centers of this district; a mainly residential and shopping area, but which concentrates in it a large number of old buildings of great interest. To get to know this whole area well, we recommend getting lost both on Collins Avenue and its surroundings, since it is the best way to get to know the hundreds of houses that were built between the 40s and 60s. These houses have their historical value and their particular interest. in the city of Miami, since they are characterized by having their own architectural style that was developed in Miami during these two decades.

miami collins avenue

Art Deco District 

It is located in the South Beach area and is made up of more than 100 buildings designed in a beautiful architectural style of pastel colors, geometric shapes and abundant decoration. What is most striking are the neon signs that adorn them and bring the area to life at night; most of them date from the 1920s, but have been almost completely restored and  they have been converted into hotels concentrating on Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue and Washington Avenue.

miami art deco edificios

Bal Harbor Beach

It is a beach in the north of Miami Beach located right next to Haulover Beach, very quiet and increasingly it has become the favorite place for high-end people, since it is less frequented and is surrounded by luxury hotels and restaurants. here you go  to find groups of people practicing yoga and pilates by the sea. In addition, in the surroundings of Bal Harbor you will find many luxury shops and malls, which is why it has become one of the best places to shop in Miami Beach.

miami balharbourbeach

children's museum 

If you are going to travel with children, it is one of the places to do tourism in Miami. Located on Watson Island, throughout its 5,250 m2 it has 14 galleries and an auditorium where children (and adults) can learn about art, culture and communication  becoming a very fun museum to visit with the family. There creativity is promoted and children let their imagination fly. There are plenty of games and interactive experiments. Without a doubt, an ideal visit to do in Miami with children.  


Downtown Miami

As in all American cities, the financial center of Miami is concentrated in the downtown. It is picturesque not so much because of the impressive buildings that characterize it, but because of the coast and the sea that bathes it, with its parks arranged to enjoy the view and even the dolphins that come to life in that area. There is also the Bayside Marketplace, a great walk to watch the boats while watching the  name brand stores and live music by the bay. In this area is Flager St, known for being the haggling street to buy electronics. Although the prices are tempting, it is not always a reliable place.


Bayfront Park

It is a public park  urban located in the heart of the city. Next to Biscayne Bay, you can walk enjoying the sea breeze and the shade of the palm trees, while you contemplate the spectacular skyscrapers of Downtown. The busiest part is usually the one around the large fountain in the park and there are always interesting events in the area. Next to Bayfront Marketplace there is a great park to relax  and forget the bustle of the city. The contrast is striking: on one side you will see the sea and on the other the jungle of skyscrapers.

Miami bayfront park

Vizcaya Villa

It is a 3-story Italian Renaissance mansion surrounded by manicured gardens along Biscayne Bay. opened in 1916.

Is  open to the public and houses an art collection  among the 34 spectacular rooms of the mansion. One of the highlights of the visit is the large stone barge that leads out into the bay.

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting places to visit in Miami.

miami villaVizcaya

little havana

It is the Latin neighborhood of Miami  home of a very large Cuban community, where walking along the so-called Calle Ocho  You will feel that you are walking down a street in Cuba.  In addition to typical food restaurants, you can enjoy its very strong coffee, see live and direct how the classic cigars are made or  walk on the  “Cuban” version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with stars for Celia Cruz, Willy Chirino and Gloria Estefan, among others.

miami little-havana

art Museum 

The Miami Art Museum or Pérez Art Museum Miami ( PAMM ) is one of the places of interest in the city. Located in front of Biscayne Bay, in the beautiful Bicentennial Park, the museum building is already a work of art, especially for its beautiful vertical garden. Inside you will find more than 1,800 works of art by artists from around the world produced from the mid-20th century to the present.

Without a doubt, another of the most interesting places to visit in Miami.

miami museo de arte de miami

Miami Design District

The neighborhood is a benchmark for art, innovation and design. There converges the luxury of the most exclusive fashion and beauty brands and also the architecture of the future with  stores  of renowned designers and amazing modern art installations such as the  giant statue of the architect Le Corbusier. But, without a doubt, the most representative is the Fly's Eye Dome, in the central square that with a sphere with transparent sheets, like a huge golf ball, gives access to the parking lot of the enclosure.


Wynwood Walls

From being an area full of industrial buildings and with an unattractive atmosphere, it has become the largest concentration of urban art in Miami.  There you can enjoy street art on almost any corner, as artists have decorated the neighborhood as if it were an open-air museum. The whole neighborhood is full of graffiti, not only on the walls but there are even messages on the sidewalks. In addition, there are many small designer shops, art galleries and pubs.

miami wynwood walls

Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower or Freedom Tower is one of the most representative buildings in Miami at 88 meters. It was built as the headquarters of a newspaper in 1925 and was the tallest building in the city. Its Spanish style is inspired by the Giralda of  Seville . In the 1960s it served as a lodging center for Cuban exiles and is currently an exhibition center. Nearby is the area of  Bayside  where you will find  restaurants and shops by the sea.

miami freedom tower

Gesu Church

Located in the heart of the city is the catholic church  oldest in the city. It was built in 1896 . Its colonial-style pink facade is quite unusual, being decorated inside with precious stained glass windows. For more than 75 years, it housed Miami's first Catholic school that provided primary and secondary education run by the Sisters of St. Joseph. It is defined as one of the best examples of religious architecture in the city  because of its importance to the community  It has served both for religious and humanitarian issues.

miami iglesia Gesu

Venetian Pool

It is a swimming pool located in Coral Gables, opened in 1924, after refurbishing an old abandoned coral quarry so  much of its decorations are made of coral and inspired by Mediterranean architecture. It has a volume of 3,100 m3 and imitates the Mediterranean style with several waterfalls and caves, as well as a beach area and a restaurant. In 1981, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

miami venecian pool

Key Biscayne

Island located south of Miami Beach, between the bay of the same name and the Atlantic Ocean. It is usually a very popular place for families in Miami during the weekends, since it has beautiful beaches and can be accessed by a bridge that was built in 1947. In addition to bathing in the calm waters of Miami, do not forget to take the mask and tube, because it has reefs where you can snorkel. Pay a visit to its famous lighthouse, known as "El Farito" by its inhabitants, and its two natural parks: Crandon Park and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

miami key biscayne

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

There are more than 33 hectares of gardens with all kinds of exotic plants and trees with the most colorful flowers from various parts of the Caribbean.

They also have a tropical plant area and even a butterfly garden. Some of the most impressive places are in Palmetum Montgomery, the Alameda, the Pergola de las Parras and the Amphitheater. There is a train that runs through the gardens and they also do free guided tours.  

miami tropical

coral castle

Located in  the outskirts of miami  is  a castle built  of a very strange stone structure created from megalithic stones, mostly coral limestone. The park is full of objects related to astronomy and is surrounded by a 3-meter coral wall, made up of 15-ton coral blocks. The most surprising thing is that it was made by a single person for 28 years and that it is unknown how he moved the immense pieces of stone, since he did not use machinery, only rocks and sticks.

miami castillo de coral

key West

It is an island city that is further south of the Florida Keys, a chain of small islands linked by 22 bridges.  Is  about 233 km north of Cuba,  it is famous for its pastel colored wooden houses on stilts and is a major cruise port. It is better known for its coral reefs than for its beaches. Some of the places to visit are  Duval Street, the main street and the most picturesque, with its little bars and terraces; Southernmost Point which is a huge buoy that marks the southernmost point of the United States and where the state of Florida ends and the Caribbean begins; Fort Taylor Beach, a small beach with clear waters considered by many to be the best; Hemingway Home and Museum  and the old lighthouse, erected in 1848. 

miami key biscayne

Fort Lauderdale

Known as the  Venice  from  America , due to its extensive and intricate system of  channels , is a  town  located in the  Broward County , in the  condition  from  Florida , of which he is  county seat , and lies between the counties of  Miami-Dade  and  Palm Beach .  The palm trees distributed among the sand, the blue sea, the lifeguard boxes; everything is really cute. Unlike Miami, where the beach is hidden by hotels, this is a place open to view. On the other side, across the street, there are a series of bars, which serve as viewpoints for this unique landscape. Another place to visit is Las Olas boulevard which, at sunset, shows the illuminated palm trees and its bars with tables on the sidewalks.  

miami fort-lauderdale

Miami cuisine

Miami mixes aspects of the North American region with important features of Caribbean gastronomy, being  the most characteristic version is latin-floribbean cuisine, with special influence from Cuban culture. Thus we find certain spices such as curry or coriander, chicken and seafood, tropical fruits and citrus fruits and the freshest vegetables.

Cuban sandwich:
  type of sandwich that originated in Cuban-American communities in the early 20th century. The traditional ingredients are  ham , roast pork,  swiss cheese ,  pickles ,  mustard  and sometimes salami  on  Cuban bread . It can be pressed and heated on an iron.

Moorish crab or blackberry crab: it is  a kind of  crab known as stone, which are served on ice cold and eaten with tartar sauce, butter or lime mixture.

Shrimp and grits (prawns and grits):  it's a  traditional dish  from the north of  Florida  as well. It's a plate of  breakfast  Although many also consider it as  lunch  or  dinner . In other places, the  corn flour  is accompanied by  croquettes  from  Salmon.

tropical barbecue:  a fusion of the so-called Floridian barbecue and the Latin-Floridian cuisine that combines the kitchens  Mexican , Cuban, Puerto Rican, Jamaican, Bahamian, and American. An example of this style would be grilled chicken breast, seasoned with  citrus juice.

Cinnamon roll: (also called cinnamon bread or cinnamon spiral): consists of a roll of dough  with cinnamon and sugar mixture (and raisins in some cases), drizzled over a thin layer of butter. The dough is rolled, cut into individual portions and baked. Cinnamon rolls are glazed with sugar or cream cheese.

Fried malanga: malanga  It is a root and is also called tiquisque, otó, ocumo, yautía and uncucha. This tuber  It is cut thin, fried in olive oil and served with salsa criolla.

Maple bacon donut: it's a  dessert  that has become popular and distinguishes itself from other  donuts  at  glazed  with  bacon  and  Maple syrup  that covers it.

Key lime pie: is a dessert made with  lime juice , egg yolks and  condensed milk  in a  pie crust . the traditional version  uses egg whites to make a filling  i ren gue .

cangrejo moro
rollo de canela
sandwich cubano
donut Bacon
shrimps and grits
tarata de lima

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