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It is one of the forty-nine countries that make up the  continent  asian . The most populated city is  Kuala Lumpur  being the Legislative and Official Capital of the Federation, but  Putrajaya  located 36 kilometers to the south is the seat of government. It is located in the  center of the  subregion  Southeast Asia , distributed in   two regions for  China sea . Peninsular Malaysia  on the  malay peninsula  and the  East Malaysia  located in the northern part of the island of   borneo  .  was reorganized as  Federation of Malaya  on  1948  and achieved independence on August 31,  1957 . September 16  1963 SingaporesarawakNorth Borneo  and the Federation came together, but strong tensions arose from the beginning, culminating in the expulsion of Singapore on August 9,  1965 .


How to get to Malaysia

To arrive via Kuala Lumpur  You can do it by air or by land, either by bus or train, the latter being slower than the bus in all cases.  

Plane: they land at its modern airport Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (KUL) located in the district of Sepang, approximately 50 km from  Kuala Lumpur that,  being  one of the most visited cities in the world, it has excellent international connections.

To get from the Malaysian airport to the Asian city center, there are several transportation alternatives available.

Train:  It is the fastest and most comfortable option.

Bus:  It is the cheapest alternative. Although, if you are in a hurry it is not the best option, since it is very slow.  

Taxi: if you are in a hurry, you come with a lot of luggage or you want to avoid language problems, the most useful thing is to take  a taxi. The stop is located in the arrivals area on the third floor.  

How to get around in Kuala Lumpur

Train: LRT is the acronym that defines three of Kuala Lumpur's lines. Because of their speed and frequency they are the most comfortable. Light trains used by a large part of the population.

Bus: it is one of the cheapest options. However, given the heavy traffic, it tends to be slow, especially during peak hours. There is a free KL Go line, whose pink buses pass by places of interest.


Monorail: it is made up of a line that makes eleven stops at the most central points of the city. The price is quite cheap and varies depending on the distance traveled.

Subway:  It has two lines, Port Klang and Seremban , which cross the city from north to south. They are complemented by three other light rail lines.  

Taxi: it is a good option for specific moments, and although it is not very expensive, it is usually slow given the intensity of traffic in the city

What to see in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

In the capital of the country you will find the first brushstrokes of the multiculturalism that characterizes it. here you can see  Chinatown, an authentic Chinatown,   the Sri Mahamariaman Temple and its famous facade of about 25 m high, Little India, a small India full of saris and bangles, the luxury shopping centers of Bukit Bintang, the Batu caves, some spectacular caves that house a Hindu sanctuary .  At sunset you can visit the Petronas Towers, the emblem of Kuala Lumpur where with its 452 meters they are  the tallest twin towers in the world, where you will see  the impressive views of Kuala Lumpur from the tower and its 360 degree view. as well  the KL Lakes Garden, the most important public park in the city where you will enjoy several areas enabled to see different birds and butterflies. In the main mosques of the city, you can enjoy  the largest and most beautiful in the country  the Masjid Jamek Mosque, the National Mosque of Malaysia or Masjid Negara and Merdaka Square with its impressive Sultan Abdul Samad building.

kuala lampur torres petronas
kuala lumpur malasi

Batu Caves

located  a short distance from Kuala Lumpur, in the Gombak district, just 13 kilometers from downtown. It is a complex of natural limestone caves with a cavernous interior filled with  of deities. To access them you must climb 272 steps carved into the side of the rock. The entrance to the caves is impressive, as is the great gold statue of the god Murugan, son of Shiva and Parvati, which stands at the entrance, is 42 meters high and rises above the base of the hill, being the largest statue of this  hindu deity  in the world.  

las cuevas de bacu


It is linked to Malaysia through a long bridge and has one of the most picturesque cities in the country where its British-style buildings stand out for their bohemian style compared to other more modern buildings. The city is not only known for its peculiar architecture, but also because it is considered the cradle of traditional Malaysian cuisine. It is one of the largest islands in Malaysia and the cultural mix that exists throughout the country is the main attraction that it has where  you'll find  Malays of Chinese descent  What  a large community of Hindu and Muslim origin.

The places you can visit are: Chulia Street  , famous street for backpackers in Penang, the Kek Loc Si Chinese Temple or Temple of Eternal Happiness located near Georgetown, the Dhammikarama Stupa, the oldest Buddhist temple in the city in honor of the Burmese community, and Penang Hill, the highest point of Penang Island. 

To get from Kuala Lumpur you can  do it both by bus, train and plane.



The capital of Penang is the right place to enjoy  of urban art with  full streets  of murals and iron sculptures. Its oldest part, with its typical colonial air, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008. In this historic center you can enjoy alleys where you can still appreciate the life of this popular neighborhood populated by Chinese houses a hundred years old, mosques, churches and Hindu temples. It is also considered the mecca of Malaysian cuisine, especially street food at its street food stalls.  

Georgetown malasia

Taman Negara

This National Park is  one of the oldest jungles in the world. With its 130 million years and an area of approximately 4,300 km², it is located in the north of Malaysia near Kuala Tahan, a small town that is located at the entrance of the park. It is one of the greatest natural wealth that the country has  with miles and miles of tropical thicket crossed by several rivers and populated by hundreds of species of insects, birds, butterflies and, of course, reptiles and snakes. The large network of suspension bridges located more than 40 meters high are known as the Canopy Walk.


cameron highlands

Located in the center - north of the Malay Peninsula, it is the main mountain range in the country. With average altitudes of 1500 m above sea level,  huge tea plantations  that of  Boh Tea , which has been producing tea in the country since 1929, trails with  the largest flowers in the world (the rafflesia) and an average temperature of 20ºC make this place the cradle of Malaysian agriculture with plantations of all kinds of vegetables and fruits and the  culture  of strawberry.



It is the island territory belonging to  Malaysia  located north of the island of  Borneo , in the  China Sea . It is called East Malaysia and  It consists of the states of  sabah  , capital Kota Kinabalu, and  Sarawak , capital Kuching . Although it is relatively less populated and less developed than the  West Malaysia  o Peninsular Malaysia, its extension is greater and it has a greater degree of natural resources, which are mainly oil and gas reserves, coal and hydraulic energy. The lifestyle in the state of Sarawak is very peaceful and the  Bako National Park  It is an unforgettable experience where you can see the proboscis monkeys live in total freedom. The Sabah region offers us a visit to the rehabilitation center of  orangutans that are in extinction in Sepilok  Orangutan Rehabilitation Center and contact with nature in the Kinabalu National Park, among other activities.

Kota Kinabalu en sabah borneo
Borneo Sarawak kuching

Bako National Park

In Borneo, you can enjoy a lot of ideal natural parks, including Bako National Park, the oldest in the Sarawak region and known for hosting a large population of proboscis monkeys. The best way to get to know the flora and fauna of the park is to fly to Kuching, go to Kampung Bako and stay for at least one night in one of the cabins inside. 

There are many trails to explore the park, some more demanding than others, which will take you to enjoy its beaches and surely to see these curious animals.

Bako National Park is one of the main nature reserves on the island of Borneo and its rich flora is a special attraction.  

parque bako mono proboscis
Playa de assam


Located just a couple of hours by bus from Kuala Lumpur, 144 km., the passage of different cultures nurtured it so much that it is possible to enjoy a notorious mix of religious and civil buildings of all kinds. It was declared in 2008  Heritage of humanity by unesco. Former Portuguese, Dutch and finally English colony, it was one of the most important ports in all of Asia thanks to its strategic location in the Strait of Malacca (between Malaysia and Indonesia). Some places that you cannot miss in Melaka are the Chinese Temples: Xiang Ling Si and Cheng Hoon Teng; the mosque  Masjid Kampung Kling; St Francis Xavier Church; the door  from Santiago, remains of a Portuguese fortress built in 1511; Dutch Square: the epicenter of Malacca and where the characteristic salmon-tinted buildings and the Jonker Walk Night Market are open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and one of the best things to see in Malaysia. But, in addition, this city is the cradle of the Peranakan culture, a delicious combination between local and Chinese culture, the result of the union of Chinese merchants who populated the streets of Malaka from the 10th century and who married the malaysian women.

rio malaca

Tioman Island

Located 32 km from the coast of Malaysia, it is one of the paradises that you can find on your trip through southern Malaysia. It has an airport and large luxury resorts concentrated in the south, but it still maintains that wild touch of unexploited places. You will find many beaches like those located  in the north such as Selang Beac, Batang Beach, Monkey Beach and Juara Beach, which together with its islands  neighbors, is part of the Tioman Marine Park.

isla tioman

kapas island  

Located just 6 kilometers from the Marang Jetty, it is one of the wonderful islands of the state of Terengganu, to which the Perhentian and Rendang Islands also belong, with Kapas being the one that is further south. It is a paradise of peace and beauty. With  a transparent sea with white sand, corals with fish and turtles so you can snorkel all day just by walking a few meters into the sea enjoying  an absolute peace.

Pulau kapas

Pernhentian Islands

Located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia you will find some of  the best beaches in the world .  Here you will have two places  Perhentian Kecil (small) with a more familiar and relaxed atmosphere and Perhentian Besar (large) with basic and rustic accommodation.  They both have  nice beaches, very good snorkeling and  they can  visit with the water taxis.

islas perhentian-malasia

Sipadan Island

Located in the  Celebes Sea  to the east of  Borneo , is one of  the best places in the world to dive in a protected area that since 2002 is allowed to practice it to only 120 people a day. Its strategic position makes it concentrate a level of marine fauna much higher than that of the surrounding islands. The richness of its marine life is enormous and includes  reef sharks ,  barracuda ,  parrot fish, cototo verde ,  manta rays ,  eagle stripes ,  hammerhead sharks  and  whale sharks . In addition, they can be seen  green turtles  and  tortoiseshell  in great quantities.

isla -Sipadan

kapalai island

It is only 15 minutes from Sipadan, a couple of hours from the east coast of Borneo.

It was a beautiful island two hundred years ago, but now it's just a sandbar. Erosion has reduced the island to sea level and the town now sits on the edge of the Ligitan reefs.

All constructions are on stilts that rest on the underwater reef.

isla kapalai

Malaysian cuisine

Its gastronomy has Thai, Indian and Chinese influences, as well as indigenous features of the country that have allowed it to create unique and delicious flavors.

Hokkien Mee: fried noodles that  It is made from noodles with soy sauce, meat, cuttlefish, cabbage and pork rinds.  

Charliew rice:  pork cooked in a special way that gives it a sweet touch, with a base of rice and local vegetables.

Nasi Lemak:  rice  cooked in coconut milk accompanied with anchovies, boiled egg,  spicy salt, nuts and vegetables.

satay:  small pieces of meat marinated with spices that are pricked on a wooden stick and cooked on the grill. To accompany them, a sauce based on peanuts is made and they are served  with a few slices of  cucumber  and a few small rice balls.

Rojaky:  salad based on pineapple, cucumber, turnip and a root vegetable from Malaysia. The salad is dressed with tamarind sauce, lemon, sugar, and  peanuts

roti:  crepe  cooked on a special griddle  accompanied with some  sweet or salt.

Ice Kacang:  refreshing dessert made with ice and syrups of various flavors. 

hokien mee
charsiew rice
ice kacang

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