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It is no longer a secret: the longest beach in the world is in South America.

TN tourism.

2 hours from Salamanca  the home of the most beautiful cherry trees in Spain.

The Chronicler. 

The European country that allows you to emigrate as a tourist and work in white.

TN tourism.

Gold-covered mummy found in a sealed sarcophagus in Egypt.


Argentine city among the  most hospitable in the world.TN tourism.

Proposal from Italy for descendants. TN tourism.

Egypt hopes to find the treasures of Cheops. Republica.com.

22 ancient tombs discovered in Egypthistoria.nationalgeographic.com

Razones para elegir Aruba. TN turismo.

Las playas que no todos conocen. TN turismo.

Playas de colores. Trip Advisor.

La isla oculta en forma de corazón. TN turismo.

El hotel más antiguo del mundo. TN turismo.

12 playas de colores. Tripadvisor.

Playa de arena rosa. TN turismo.

Conclusiones para viajes del año 2024. Booking

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