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Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans it is a  sovereign country  whose form of government is  constitutional monarchy  federal  inside of  British Commonwealth of Nations . Is he  sixth  largest country in the world with an area of more than 7,700,000 km²,  with a population that  It does not reach 30 million inhabitants and they live in the big cities of the Australian coast.  Its main cities, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide,  They are coastal. Its capital, Canberra, is inland. The country is known for the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest coral reef in the world, a vast desert natural area known as the Outback,  Australia's highest peak Mount Kosciusko at 2,228 meters and unique animal species such as the kangaroo and the platypus. Most of Australia is semi-arid, although a temperate climate prevails in its southeastern and southwestern corners. 

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How to get to Australia

Plane: it is the natural way to get to Australia given the distances that separate it from almost all the  Destinations  of the world. Its main airports are Sydney, the busiest in the country, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane. The main ones all have connection by bus with the city, taxi service and in some cases train. Another option is to rent a car in the same terminal.

How to get around Australia

Plane: being a huge country in most cases it is the most appropriate means of transport.

Train:  It has a network of trains, but it is a slow and expensive service. The main company is  Australian Railways .

Buses: they are an economical way to travel between cities. Greyhound is the main bus line. 

Taxis: they have a good service.  You can see the NUMBEO site  to see the updated rates.

Cars:  Motorhome and caravan rentals remain a very popular way to explore the continent.

What to see in Australia


Canberra is the capital city of Australia and as the seat of the nation's government, it is the largest inland city in Australia and the eighth largest city overall. It is located in the far north of the Australian Capital Territory  280 km southwest of Sydney and 660 km northeast of Melbourne. As the seat of the Australian government, Canberra is home to many important federal government institutions, national monuments and museums. This includes Parliament House, the official residence of the monarch's representative, the Governor General, the High Court, and numerous government departments and agencies. As well  of many social and cultural institutions of national importance such as the Australian War Memorial, the Australian National University, the Royal Australian Mint, the Australian Institute of Sport, the National Gallery  and the National Museum.

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Parliament House

You can attend sessions  democracy  at the iconic Parliament of Australia atop Capital Hill.

Also take a guided tour, visiting the popular Queen's Terrace Coffee, see historical documents and an impressive collection of Australian art including one of the world's largest tapestries based on a design by Arthur Boyd.

Old Parliament House

Old Parliament House

Formerly known as Provisional Parliament House, it was the seat of the Parliament of Australia from 1927 to 1988. The building became operational on May 9, 1927 after Parliament's relocation from Melbourne to the new capital Canberra. In 1988, the Commonwealth Parliament was transferred to the new Parliament House on Capital Hill. It also serves as a venue for temporary exhibitions, conferences and concerts.

Old Parliament House

National Museum of Australia

Located  on the shores of Canberra's Lake Burley Griffin. The impressive architecture of the museum offers an extraordinary place to explore the rich and diverse histories of Australia and its people. you can perform  take a guided tour or wander solo through the many exhibits and learn about the amazing, inspiring and treasured royal artifacts from Australian history.

museo nacional de australia

Old Bus Depot Markets

Lovers of fine handmade goods, clothing collectors, foodies and jewelery addicts are just a few of the people who head to Canberra's award-winning Old Bus Depot Markets each Sunday. In a fabulous old industrial building  you'll experience the endless colour, tastes, sounds and atmosphere of 'Canberra's Best Sunday'. Each week you will find more than 200 stalls of exceptional quality, with all handmade items created by local and regional creatives.  

old bus depot

Free Serbian Orthodox Church of Saint George

This impressive Church displays incredible murals, with Biblical and historical scenes covering the walls and lining the ceiling of this replica of the old Serbian village church that was recently listed as a heritage building. All paintings were completed without the use of scaffolding, simply with  a ladder. The architecture is impressive and the history behind the paintings is truly incredible.

saint george interior iglesia

Canberra Center

Located in the heart of downtown Canberra, it is the city's premier destination for dynamic shopping, entertainment and dining experiences. On site are four department stores David Jones, Myer, Target and Big W, two supermarkets and an impressive collection of specialty stores and even a precinct dedicated to beauty and wellness. With an exceptional portfolio of fashion and sportswear brands, renowned restaurants and entertainment outlets such as KingPin and Dendy Cinemas, Canberra Center is the ultimate shopping destination.

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Sydney is the capital of New South Wales and one of the largest cities in Australia, it was the seat of the first British colony. It was founded in  1788  on the  sydney creek  and it is the oldest city in the country. It is located in the southeast of Australia, on the shores of the wide  sydney bay  (Port Jackson). In the city stands out the  Opera House , the  Sydney Harbor Bridge, or Harbor Bridge and its beaches. The metropolitan area is surrounded by national parks containing bays and rivers and is listed as one of the 15 most visited cities in the world, with millions of tourists visiting it  every year to see attractions such as the botanical garden, the city port, the  Royal National Park , the Opera House, etc.

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Sydney Opera

O Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous and distinctive buildings in the  20th century . declared in  2007  a World Heritage Site , it was designed by architect  Danish  Jorn Utzon  on  1957  and inaugurated on October 20,  1973  for her majesty the queen  Elizabeth II , in her role as Queen of Australia. Construction works are being carried out in the building.  theater ,  ballet ,  Opera  or musical productions. It is home to Opera Australia, the Sydney Theater Company and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. It is administered by the Opera House Trust, a public body under the supervision of the Ministry of Arts.

opera de sydney

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Originally known as  Sydney Harbor Bridge , is an arch bridge that crosses this bay. It connects the financial center or Central Business district with the residential and commercial coast of the city. It has 8 lanes for vehicles, two train lines, one pedestrian path and one for cyclists. You can walk up the escalators on both banks that lead to the west side of the bridge where there is a pedestrian lane. About 160,000 vehicles can circulate daily, the total length of the bridge is 1149 m. It has a width of 20m. The space under the bridge for navigation has a height of 49 m; over the water the bridge has a length of 503 m, the arch rises to a height of 134 m.

puente puerto sidney

Royal Botanical Garden

With more than 30 hectares, the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney is the most important green area to see in Sydney. Located near the Opera, in it you can see different species belonging to the local flora; floral compositions, ferns or ancient trees. Wildlife in the garden includes colorful birds, fruit bats, and water dragons. Here is the strange world Calyx of carnivorous plants, a world-class horticultural space.


Taronga Zoo

It is one of the largest zoos in Australia, which stands out for its commitment to wildlife conservation, for which it houses endangered species and for  impart environmental education plans. Here you can enjoy guided tours as well as entertaining shows throughout the day. It has its own cable car that will allow you to enjoy an amazing landscape that combines views of the city and a different perspective of the animals.

taronga zoo

Blue Mountains

This National Park is a real surprise just a few kilometers from the asphalt of the city. The Blue Mountains get their name from the natural blue haze created by the vast eucalyptus forests in this World Heritage area. Tiny droplets of oil released from the trees mix with water vapor and sunlight to produce the distinctive color. you can explore  waterfalls, valleys and rugged sandstone plateaux, and learn about the region's ancient Aboriginal heritage. deep in the  Jenolan caves  you will discover limestone crystals and underground rivers.

Blue mountains-three sisters

bondi beach

It is the most famous beach and even considered one of the best beaches in the world. Located just 15 minutes from the city center, it boasts an appetizing white sand and a turquoise blue sea capable of making any surfer fall in love.

It is interesting to do  the 6km coastal path from Bondi to Coogee Beach and revel in the spectacular views. In Coogee you can upload  to the terrace of the Coogee Pavilion bar  and enjoy views of Coogee Bay and its beach. 

Playa Bondi

Northern Beaches

They are a set of beaches located in the  north side of Sydney, above Manly and are each more spectacular, especially  the  wonderful beach  Palm Beach where you can  Climb up to the lighthouse for views of Sydney's most stylish beach. Palm Beach is home  the  most beautiful stretch of soft sand in northern  sydney  and a popular destination for beach and surf lovers  The northern section is blessed with great waves and the southern end offers swimmers protection with an ocean pool ideal for shallow water paddling.

palm beach nsw australia


It's a  suburb  the  inner west  from  Sydney;  It is located approximately four kilometers southwest of the  Sydney central business district .  King Street  it is its main street and the center of commercial and entertainment activity. The street passes near  the University of Sydney  and extends to the south, becoming the  Princes Highway  at its southern end. You can find numerous art shops, some with truly vintage objects, professional fashion designers, and excellent restaurants.

King Street Enmore Road


Melbourne is the capital and largest city of the  Victorian state . Was the  capital  of Australia between  1901  and  1927 , when he moved to the  planned city  from  Canberra . Chosen since 2011 as the best city in the world to live in, due to its high levels of quality of life and low levels of poverty, it has also been selected as a favorite by tourists. It is the second city in the country in population after  Sydney . It is located in the lower course of the  yarra river  and the shores of  Port Phillip Bay to the north and east. The name of Melbourne also serves to denominate the geographical region of Greater Melbourne. Today, the city is an important center of  trade ,  industry  and activity  cultural .

edificios melbourne
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st kilda

It is a classic of Melbourne, a coastal neighborhood located just 6 km from the city famous for its long sandy beach, its pleasant promenade, for the penguins and the  Luna Park, famous amusement park. To get to St Kilda from the center it is best to take the tram and get off at the Luna Park stop. Also on Sunday it is possible to enjoy a craft market whose stalls extend along part of the promenade. Fitzroy and Acland streets are home to independent cafes, restaurants, bars, fashion boutiques, and music and book stores.

st kilda

brighton beach

It is located in one of the most affluent suburbs of Melbourne and is divided into three sections that follow each other along Port Phillip Bay: the upper, the central and the Dendy Street. In the latter are  its typical 82 wooden beach huts painted with different colors and motifs. Built in the 19th century and considered a national heritage, they are a few steps from the water and behind them appears the silhouette of the city with its skyscrapers. To get here you need about 40 minutes by metro from the center. Another beach experience is to go to St. Kilda Beach  especially in the evening, when  can be seen  blue penguins, the smallest in the world.


Royal Botanical Garden

Located  near the center on the south bank of the  Yarra River , has a length of 38  ha  of landscaped gardens. He is a member of  BGCI and submits papers for the  International Agenda for Conservation in Botanic Gardens . Green spaces are precisely one of the main characteristics of Melbourne, which for years has led  the ranking of the best cities to live in  according to The Economist. It is currently the second, behind Vienna


Yarra River

On its margins, in the final zone of its route, the city of  melbourne  on  1835 . It starts at the  Yarra chain  and flows about 242 km in a westerly direction through the  Yarra Valley , then zigzagged through Melbourne and finally emptied into the  hobsons bay  of the  Port Phillip Bay . The river and its neighboring sandbars and hills were a source of  gold  during the  victoria gold rush  and in many areas its course was modified by mining activities, the river is used for rowing  kayaking ,  rafting  and  swimming .




Melbourne is known as one of the world capitals of urban art.  Graffiti can be found in various  authorized points  of the city being  It is wonderful to enjoy the color and originality of the graffiti. Versus  Federation Square  and linking Flinders Lane with Flinders Street, the cobbled Hosier Lane is arguably the focal point of the city's street art scene. Some of these creations are officially commissioned by the City of Melbourne.

street art

National Gallery of Victoria

Known as the NGV  it's a  Museum  and  Gallery  from  art  founded in 1861. It is Australia's oldest and largest art gallery open to the general public. The main gallery is located on St Kilda Road, Southbank near the center of Melbourne, with a branch in Federation Square, also in Melbourne. It houses an entire world of international art, showcasing the National Gallery of Victoria's collections of European, Asian, Oceanian and American art.  



Or Central Business District, is the center of the city of Melbourne and a major  financial center  of Australia and the  Asia Pacific region  . There you can enjoy  of the fantastic architecture of buildings such as Town Hall, The Old Treasury Building, Queen Victoria Market or Flinders Street Railway Station. In recent times, it has been designated together with  new york city  and  berlin  as one of the best  street art mecca  of the world and the  UNESCO has  designated as a "City of Literature" in its Creative Cities Network.  

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Otras ciudades


Tasmanian Capital,  small compared to many others in Australia, but  very picturesque.  It is charming, welcoming and one of the oldest cities in Australia. History lives on with its 19th-century sandstone warehouses that now serve as cafes, restaurants, and artists' studios. Quaint country houses and colonial mansions are scattered throughout the small town. And then there's the backdrop of the  Mount Wellington  Rising above the city, the River Derwent rushing through its heart,  the historic port, Battery Point and the Salamanca market as well as the incredible MONA museum or see a Tasmanian Devil in one of the wildlife parks such as Bonorong Wildwood Sanctuary.




Brisbane es la capital del estado australiano de Queensland. Está ubicada al sureste del estado. Geográficamente se encuentra al este de la Gran Cordillera Divisoria —en concreto, al sureste de la cordillera Taylor—, sobre la costa del mar del Coral (océano Pacífico) —muy cercana a la bahía Moretón— y a orillas del río homónimo, que ha sido dragado para facilitar el tránsito de barcos. Es la tercera ciudad más poblada del país, después de Sídney y Melbourne. En su centro cultural de South Bank, se agrupan el Museo de Queensland y el Sciencentre, con destacadas exhibiciones interactivas. Otra institución cultural de South Bank es la Galería de Arte Moderno de Queensland, que se encuentra entre los museos de arte contemporáneo más importantes de Australia. Sobre la ciudad, se alza el monte Coot-tha, lugar de los jardines botánicos de Brisbane.



Adelaida es la capital y la ciudad más poblada del estado de Australia Meridional, y la quinta más poblada de Australia. Es una ciudad costera situada en la parte sur del océano Índico, en los Altos de Adelaida, al norte de la península de Fleurieu, entre el golfo de San Vicente y las Montañas Lofty Ranges. Tomó su nombre de la reina Adelaida, consorte del rey Guillermo IV del Reino Unido, y fue fundada en el 1836. Pronto, Adelaida se convirtió en la «ciudad de las libertades», con libertad de elegir religiónprogresismo político y libertades civiles, que lideró las grandes reformas mundiales. Hoy en día, Adelaida es conocida como la ciudad de la cultura en Australia, con muchos festivalesteatros, así como su vinoarte y deportes. Es el centro comercial y gubernamental de Australia Meridional, siendo sede de varias instituciones financieras y gubernamentales. La mayoría de ellas están concentradas en el centro de la ciudad, a lo largo del bulevar North Terrace, King William Street y en otros distritos del área metropolitana.



Perth  es una ciudad del oeste de Australia, capital del estado de Australia Occidental siendo la cuarta ciudad más poblada de Australia y la mayor del estado, ya que en ella residen casi tres cuartos de la población total del mismo. Se encuentra en el estuario del río Swan.  El área metropolitana se encuentra entre el Océano Índico y una baja escarpadura costera conocida como Montes Darling y abarca a más de 300 localidades entre ellas BayswaterCanningStirling, ClaremontVictoria ParkArmadaleTwo Rocks y Yanchep. La ciudad más cercana a Perth con una población de más de un millón de personas es Adelaida, a 2104 kilómetros de distancia, lo que convierte a Perth en la ciudad con más de un millón de habitantes que se encuentra más aislada del mundo. Es un activo puerto, destinado  a la exportación del oroníquelhierro y aluminio explotados en Australia Occidental.


Australian cuisine

It is characterized by being the result of a set of gastronomies that reflect its multicultural historical past: the native gastronomy of the  Australian aborigines , called  bush tucker  or bush food, the  british cuisine  and  irish  of the first European settlers who came mainly from the  British islands  and the contributions of the  asian cuisine  and  mediterranean  brought by the immigrants who arrived after the  World War I.

Kangaroo – Surprising as it sounds, many Australians have a habit of eating kangaroo meat. Whether roasted, grilled or baked. and can be seasoned with garlic, pepper and rosemary


Fish'n'chips: grilled or battered fish with chips, served with lemon and salt.


Empanada de carne, or Australian meat pie: it is a pie filled with meat with sauce. It is made in individual portions and served with a little tomato sauce.


Meatloaf: ground beef, veal, lamb, or pork, or a combination of any of these  them and  seasoned  with  breadcrumbs and spices.


Crocodile meat: its meat is very similar in texture to pork, although its flavor is close to that of chicken


Barramundi:  river fish served grilled and accompanied with vegetables and a touch of citrus.


Vegemite: registered trademark  of a food-grade spread, dark brown in color and with a salty taste, made with  yeast extract . It is mainly used as a spread on sandwiches and toast.


pavlova: cake  crispy meringue on the outside and soft on the inside made with  milk ,  Meringue  and  fruit  fresh.


Weet-Bix:  biscuits  big  of wheat with a huge contribution of fiber and super healthy.

carne de cocodrilo
empanadas de carne
Pavlova winegumsstrawberries
egemite on toast

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