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Verdad que no hay nada mejor en esta vida que viajar disfrutando del mismo y lo recuerdes una vez finalizado? 

Sabes que todos podemos viajar y que no existen  límites si de verdad lo deseamos?

Puede ser que quieras un hotel maravilloso, un lindo restaurante, un tour exótico o una vivencia cultural única. O no sabes cómo   visitar ese lugar que deseas o buscas algunos consejos para aprovechar al máximo tu viaje.


No te preocupes este sitio tiene todo lo que buscas y más todavía... para  ayudarte en:


Our services


After so many years of traveling  I decided to create this site that let me  transfers experiences lived.  

Therefore I decided to to give support in your future trip with the necessary information  in understandable language so you can make the best decision helping you in:

1. Define destinations and itineraries.

2. Organize the itinerary by day, by city according to the destinations you want to know with the calculation of the daily and total budget.

3. Decide Air transport, Trains, Buses, Ferries, or car rentals.

4. Select accommodation.

5. Assist in all reservations for transportation, visits and lodging.

6. Specify the best time to make the trip according to your needs; cultural, sporting events, visits, attractions, shopping, where to eat, etc. and suggestions; tips, advice in general to do it more pleasant.

In all cases:

you will have links for you to choose and make the selected reservations and, at your disposal, a  folder of reservations, itineraries, maps so that you can consult at any time  with permanent communication via WhatsApp where we can clarify doubts or suggestions.


There will be no fees agreed in advance. In the end, if everything was to your liking, we will combine their value, without any type of commitment.


Let me  know any questions at mail optimizatuviaje1@gmail.com or by Whatsapp to the number 011 61994977.

Thank you.

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