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Los  Angeles

is the  most populous city  of the US state of  California  and the  second  more populated  from  United States , behind behind  New York . The city is the center of  Los Angeles– Long BeachSanta Ana Metropolitan Statistical Area  and of  Greater Los Angeles  being  one of the  world's largest metropolitan areas.

Is a  global city  with great influence in fields as diverse as business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, sports, technology, education, medicine or research.

It is home to renowned institutions spanning various professional and cultural fields and is one of the most important economic engines in the United States.

Los Angeles, within which is located  Hollywood is a world leader in the creation of television, video game, music and film productions that are successful all over the planet. In addition, the city has twice hosted the  Summer Olympics , in  1932  and in  1984 , and it will be for the third time in  2028 .

los angeles

How to get from the airport to Los Angeles


Los Angeles International Airport is the main airport of the city of  Los Angeles ,  simply known as LAX by Californians. It is located to the southwest, in the neighborhood of  Westchester , 27 kilometers from downtown Los Angeles, with transfer options :

Subway:  option most used by tourists, since it is also the cheapest. First you will have to take a free bus  from the airport with the metro line that will leave you at the mouth of the green line metro.  

Flyaway buses:  They link directly to downtown Los Angeles. They are located on the lower level of each arrivals hall and are a bit more expensive than using the metro, but it saves time and you don't need to make as many transfers.

Rent a car:  it's possible  since most of the international car rental companies are there.

Cab:  This is surely the most comfortable and easiest way to get around, but also the most expensive.

Shuttles: they are vans or mini buses that pick you up at the airport and take you to the hotel door and it is a comfortable way to get around.

Free hotel shuttle service: An option, perhaps little known, is that some of the hotels in Los Angeles have a free shuttle service to and from the airport.

How to get around Los Angeles

Metro Buses: two hundred lines connect you with the entire city and its surroundings, such as  Santa Monica . So public buses are a good option to get where you want.

Subway Rail:  Some describe it as the best way to get around Los Angeles by public transportation. It is made up of two metro lines and four light rail lines (a vehicle similar to a tram).

Big Blue Bus: This Santa Monica service operates throughout much of West Los Angeles: Beverly Hills, Culver City, Venice, Westwood, and LAX Airport.

Train: Known as the last of the Great Railway Stations, Union Station is located in Downtown and is the main train station in Los Angeles. The Amtrak train is often used to cover trips to nearby cities.

Taxi: Finding a taxi in Los Angeles can be difficult as  It is a big city with traffic and  it may not come cheap.  

It is interesting to acquire  Los Angeles GO Card that  It is a tourist voucher with which, for a flat rate, you can access the main attractions and museums of the city and  Avoid queues to buy tickets.

What to see in Los Angeles


It is confused as an independent and separate town from Los Angeles, however it is a neighborhood of LA In fact, if the city is known worldwide it is thanks to the reputation of this important neighborhood.

It is the paradise of the stars, the favorite place for those who pursue their dreams and the place of opportunity.

aa Hollywood_neighborhood

Hall of Fame

In this ride and  when you visit hollywood boulevard  maybe it looks like a street  normal  but you will not be able to avoid walking along the section where the Dolby Theater and the  Grauman's Chinese Theater  and look for the stars or the footprints of your favorite actors, a common exercise for any tourist. But above all besides  find a great atmosphere around the world of cinema  you will have the possibility, from a viewpoint,  see the famous Hollywood sign .

huellas manos

artists stars

One of the must-sees is  see the stars of the artists  on the sidewalk  where there are more than 2,200 stars installed since 1958, when this custom began.  You can do that all over the Walk of Fame and it is the reason why this section of Hollywood Boulevard has this name, although it is also known as the  Walk of the Stars . Another of the most visited places in Hollywood is the sidewalk where the most famous actors and actresses come shaping the  footprints of your hands and feet .

estrellas de los artistas

Dolby Theater

The  Dolby Theater  It is one of the iconic places on Hollywood Boulevard as the Oscar Awards ceremony takes place there every year. Perhaps it sounds more like the name it had when it opened in 2002, the Kodak Theater, but since 2012 it has had the new name after the bankruptcy that the famous photography and cinema film company suffered in that year.

On your trip you have the option to visit the Kodak Theater and thus see some of the famous Oscar statuettes.


Grauman's Chinese Theater

Another iconic corner of this famous Los Angeles avenue is the Chinese Theatre, also known as  Grauman's Theatre . With a curious and striking Chinese style in its architecture and interior decoration, it is one of the movie theaters where most of the  movie premieres in Hollywood, so the most famous artists pass through it continuously.

aa -Grauman's_Chinese_Theatre

hollywood sign

It is perhaps the most famous icon of Los Angeles. The original sign was built in the 1920s to advertise a new residential development called Hollywoodland. In the year 78, after his rehabilitation (he was in very bad shape) he changed to simply leave "Hollywood". Since then it has become the symbol of the city. It's illegal to go near the sign, and although it's visible from many parts of the city, it's sometimes hard to get a good photo (the sign is too far away).  

letrero hollywood


It is the most central area of the city of Los Angeles where  the great skyscrapers of the city are concentrated, as well as the most historic neighborhood. You can visit  the civic center where they are  the Town Hall, built in 1928 with 32 floors and until 1968  The tallest building,  the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels and  the Fashion District of Los Angeles .  Also the Walt Disney Concert Hall, a concert hall and the Dorothy Chander Pavillion, one of the three largest artistic centers in the United States. From 1969 to 1999 it was the scene of the Oscars.

down town

Olvera St.

The place that can be considered as the historical area where some vestiges of the colonial city are preserved,  known as the  town of los angeles  it is located on Olvera Street. It is a historical monument where in 1930 an enclosure was built that emulates a Mexican town.

Some of the buildings date back to the time of the city's founding in 1781 and it is now an area of shops, restaurants and shows.

aa Olvera St_Yuri


It is one of the most typical neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Here is Olvera Street, the oldest street in the city. The  visit Chinatown  It will allow you to discover the essence of the famous Chinatowns of the USA through its temples, museums, streets and squares.

aa barrio-chino-los-angeles

Central Union Station

It is one of the most charismatic buildings with the most curious design in the central area of Downtown Los Angeles. Founded in 1939, it was the last major railway station built in the United States. The building surprises with its architecture of Spanish colonial design and to complete the atmosphere, it is surrounded by a garden area with large palm trees and exotic-style plants.


US Bank Tower and Library Tower

The US Bank Tower is the tallest skyscraper in Los Angeles.

But not only that, it is also the tallest building in the United States west of the Mississippi River and therefore in California.

Located in Downtown Los Angeles, with its 310 meters high, it was inaugurated in 1989 housing the headquarters of the US Bank. It is also known as Library Tower because opposite on the same street is the Central Library of Los Angeles, which is  another well-known building built in 1926 and is the third largest library in the United States for the size of its stock of books, newspapers and magazines.

us torre

Griffith Observatory

From the viewpoint of  Griffith Observatory on the mountain north of Hollywood. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the best panoramic views of the urban conglomerate of Los Angeles County. you also have  the possibility of  visit this astronomical observatory  which you can also reach in the  Dash Observatory Bus  departing from the Vermont/Sunset station on the Metro Red Line.


Universal Studios

It is a movie studio and amusement park located in the Hollywood district. The most attractive, in addition to enjoying a fun  theme park  assembled around the world of cinema, is to tour the sets of Universal Studios. During this tour you will surely enjoy reliving the atmosphere of some of the most popular films in cinema history, such as Jaws, Psycho, King Kong or Back to the Future.

universal studies

Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive

On the way to Santa Monica, west of Hollywood, you will have the opportunity to take a tour of  beverly hills  to see the grand mansions in this very luxurious area of Los Angeles County. There you also find the famous shopping area of  Via Rodeo Drive  with numerous luxury stores that are frequented by artists who have their residence in some exclusive Beverly Hills mansion.

Sunset Strip

This neighborhood, also known as "The Strip", has a particular charm and a very bohemian atmosphere. It is known for its rock clubs, colorful billboards, "chic" restaurants and  great nightclubs . But on the Sunset Strip there is not only nightlife. During the day you will find boutiques and clothing stores where you can spend a good  shopping day.


Grand Central Market

For many, the  gastronomic paradise  from downtown Los Angeles. It is located next to Walt Disney Concert Hall and The Broad. The venue features high ceilings and an open layout, with concession stands offering different cuisines from the Los Angeles area.

The market has been in operation since 1917 and serves everything: tea, coffee, fruit juices, sandwiches,  tacos and chow mein. is a very good  alternative to eat cheap  if you are in Downtown LA


It is located in in  Anaheim  42 km from Los Angeles. It was the first park of its kind built by  The Walt Disney Company  and the unique  designed and built under the supervision of American producer and filmmaker  Walt-Disney .  It opened its doors to the press and special guests on  July 17th  from  1955 , just over a year after construction began and the next day it was opened to the general public. On  By 1957 , two years after it opened, Disneyland was one of the top tourist attractions in America, surpassing places like the  Grand Canyon  or the  Yellowstone National Park .It is estimated that it has been one of the amusement parks with the highest influx per year in the world.in addition to being visited by more than 750 million people from its inauguration until 2020.He is credited with "redefining the concept of family vacations"and has been listed as a "tourist mecca". Its design, divided into thematic areas, turned out to be a novel concept for the time, as well as the incorporation of  robots  audio-animatronics used in some of its attractions and the first  roller coaster  built with tubular steel in history.

central market
disneyland LA
disneyland LA

Los Angeles Beaches

venice beach

It has long been California's bohemian epicenter, and despite the throngs of tourists who visit this area every day, it still retains its eccentric spirit. The Boardwalk (like a boardwalk) is the area where you can experience the craziest and wildest of Venice Beach: basketball courts, a skate park, buskers, and shops selling artistic and holistic goods. Along the stretch is the famous Muscle Beach, always packed with scantily clad people showing off well-sculpted bodies.

venice beach

Santa Monica

Located in the coastal city of  Santa Monica , just 30 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, is the quintessential beach. Two distinctive features of this beach are  the santa monica pier  and the small amusement park that we have seen so many times in the movies.  The pier was built in 1909 and is declared a National Historic Landmark. Fishermen sit on it at sunset and in summer live concerts are usually given. It is more than three kilometers long and is one of the largest beaches in Los Angeles. It has all the necessary services for bathers and if you want to visit it in  public transportation , you can use the light blue subway line that will take you from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica. The trip takes approximately one hour.

muelle de santa monica

manhattan beach

From  Downtown Los Angeles  to Manhattan Beach it takes approximately 40 minutes by car and about an hour by public transport. Here it is typical to practice beach sports such as volleyball, surfing (in the southern part of the pier) and boogie boarding (in the northern part). Of course, it is totally forbidden to swim in areas near the pier.


Long Beach

Is  a pleasant beach that offers the public all the necessary services. Unlike the beaches in LA, it is not usually so crowded. The drive from Los Angeles to Long Beach takes about half an hour and about an hour by public transport (the dark blue subway line will take you there).


Cabrillo Beach  

For all those who want to enjoy a whole day at the beach, this  It is one of the best options. In Cabrillo Beach you will find a very familiar atmosphere, since it is a quiet and pleasant place to walk and do various activities. If you go by car from Los Angeles to Cabrillo Beach it will take approximately 40 minutes, on the other hand, if you decide to use public transport, it can take an hour and a half.


Beautifull  Beach

It is located between  manhattan beach  and Redondo Beach, south of the city of Los Angeles. Not only is it a good place to swim and sunbathe, but it is also ideal for playing volleyball and strolling along its long sea line. If you travel by car, the journey from Downtown takes approximately one hour. By public transport the journey is an hour and a half, since this beach is on the outskirts of Los Angeles.


Paradise Cove

It is quite close to Los Angeles and is located in  Malibu . Its paradisiacal landscape makes this shore an ideal place for romantic getaways. In any case, it is a somewhat exclusive beach, since you have to pay an entrance fee to access it (it is a private beach).

Leo Carrillo State Park

Stretching over a mile long, the beach at Leo Carrillo State Park boasts sea caves and small pools. One of the virtues of this beach is that it preserves its natural beauty and at the same time is well equipped for the public. Located in  Malibu , inside the park you can find grills and parking areas  to spend a few days in the middle of nature.

leo carrillo state park

The matador  Beach

Located 16 km northwest of Malibu,  It is the beach of romanticism par excellence. Its rocky shores, the great waves and the translucent water make this shore a spectacular place to watch the sunsets. Of course, you will have to go down a fairly steep path to reach this paradise, since it is a virgin landscape and no installation has been built, so there is no presence of lifeguards either.

el matador

Zuma  Beach

It is a long and wide beach in Malibu that is characterized by being a clean and quiet place. This site is ideal to spend a weekend or holidays to relax.

In addition, here you can find all the necessary services: bathrooms, showers, lifeguards, bike lanes, volleyball courts, swings.

The Fisherman

This beach is located within the Robert H. Meyer State Beach and is the westernmost in the region. At the bottom of the cliff, there is a cave surrounded by impressive rocks and tide pools. Although El Pescador beach is not as wild, it is much quieter than the surrounding beaches. There are no restaurants here, so it is advisable to take your food with you.

zuma beach
el pescador

Abalone Cove Shoreline Park

Located on the rugged coast of Palos Verde, it is famous for offering excellent views, good trails and its natural pools. The path that runs along the beach takes you to the Portuguese Point, which is its star attraction. The natural pools formed in the rocks are home to a variety of marine creatures such as small octopuses, anemones, hermit crabs and sea hares.


top _

Although it is very famous among  surfers , it is also a paradise for all types of travellers: bathers, swimmers, divers and kayakers. It is a perfect beach to spend the day, even if you are traveling with children, as you will find a restaurant. Bordered by Will Rogers Beach to the east and Las Tunas to the west, the beach is open to the public as soon as the sun rises and closes when the lifeguards leave.


Los Angeles cuisine

The  Seafood is very common in the gastronomy of Los Angeles, having both  all its varieties   of fish. In addition you can  Accompany your dish with a good wine, since Californian wines are world famous. The main  wine varieties  of California are:  Cabarnet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot noir, Sauvignon blanc, Syrah and Zinfandel.

French Dip Sandwich: sandwich filled with slow-cooked beef, pepper, onion and cheese. This sandwich is usually submerged in a sauce from the cooking of the veal.

Chili Burger:  hamburger that is usually served open and the chili, instead of being on top, is placed next to the hamburger. The chili can be served alone, with onion or with cheese.

Cobb Salad:  salad with lettuce, avocado, blue cheese, tomato, grilled chicken and sometimes they can serve it with crispy bacon and sometimes  mixed with a special Greek yogurt sauce.

Chinese Chicken Salad  :  they contain lettuce or cabbage, rice noodles, walnuts and cashews. Along with this they usually add minced chicken flavored and cooked with Chinese culinary techniques. The salad vinaigrette includes rice vinegar, among other condiments.

California Roll: sushi with the rice on the outside and the ingredients on the inside. California Rolls usually contain crab sticks, avocado, cucumber and mayonnaise.

Sriracha Sauce:  sauce, of spicy Thai origin made with a paste of chili peppers, garlic, distilled vinegar, sugar and salt. The sauce is usually served for seafood but you can find it in jams and hamburgers.

Egg Rolls:  fried snack served in Chinese restaurants. filled with shredded cabbage, minced pork, among other fillings.

Short Rib Taco: one of the star dishes of the Third Avenue Food Trucks. These Korean Churrasco Tacos are known for their flavor and texture.

Hot Fudge Sundae:  ice cream bathed in Hot Fudge sauce, a style of melted chocolate.


Donuts:  You can find them in different flavors and with different toppings, a good companion for mid-afternoon coffee or breakfast.


chili burger
french dip
egg rolls
short rib taco

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