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Is  located in the  province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands , of which it is its capital. It was founded on  October 12 °  from  1884   and is located on the coast of the  Big Island of Tierra del Fuego  which gives to  ushuaia bay  at  Beagle Channel , a strait connecting the Atlantic Ocean,  the Pacific. It is surrounded by the mountain chain of the  Martial . In addition to being an administrative center, it is an industrial, port and tourist hub. It is generally considered as  the southernmost city in the world , title in dispute with the city of  Puerto Williams (Chile) , located south of the Beagle Channel. It is one of the most beautiful Argentine cities due to its location between mountains next to  the calm waters of his  bay.

Ushuaia ciudad

How to get to Ushuaia

The ideal way to get there is by plane to the Ushuaia airport. You can also get to Rio Grande and then go by land (it takes about 3-4 hours) but unless you are interested in getting to know both cities, the ideal is to fly directly to the Ushuaia airport, which receives direct flights from the Ezeiza airport, Aeroparque , Bahia Blanca, Cordoba and El Calafate.

Once at the airport, the city is about 10 minutes away and can easily be reached by taxi. The same,  every time a flight arrives, they are waiting and in order of arrival the passengers are boarding.

How to move through the city 

Taxis, remises and private transfer:  To get to all the excursion places you have to take them at the assigned stops that you see in the city or ask for them from the hotel where you stay.
Bus: there are three transport lines in the city.

In any case, touring the city and its waterfront is easy, the same  its pedestrian since the center is not that big.

What to see in Ushuaia

San Martin Street

San Martín street is the main street in the city. That of the bars, restaurants and businesses. Even if you don't want to, you're going to walk around its blocks. It has no charm and it has them all. You will pass by the Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Merced, with a construction of yellow and red colors that stands out from the rest. You will also see a lot of restaurants that offer from hot dogs and hamburgers, to spider crab and executive menu. You will also come across many gift/souvenir and sportswear houses.

Martial Glacier

It is a glacier on top of Martial Mountain located  to 7  km from the city of Ushuaia. Once at the base, you have to travel about 1,200 meters uphill to where the glacier is. In winter it is impossible because of the snow that covers the river and makes the road dangerous. It is located at 1,050 meters above sea level and is the most important source of drinking water in Ushuaia. In summer this place is ideal for different activities such as trekking or hiking.

ushuaia calle san martini
Ushuaia glaciar martal

Emerald Lagoon

It is a small mirror of water, about 20 kilometers from Ushuaia  from  a turquoise color that makes it unique added to its surroundings of mountains, forests and glaciers. Getting to the lake requires about two hours of walking through forests and along rivers. It's one of the  most classic trekking circuits in Ushuaia  with trails  well signposted and that can be enjoyed throughout the year, although in winter you have to take some precautions with the ice.

Ushuaia laguna esmeralda

Beagle channel navigation

This channel that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific is located at Parallel 55° South, between meridians 71° and 66° West.  For navigation there are three  alternatives, being the most classic and short  of little more than 3 hours, which departs from the port of the city, sails in front of the islands of the Birds and the Wolves where birds and colonies of sea lions rest and passes in front of the Eclaireurs lighthouse,  built in 1919, which became an emblem of the city. finally up  to the Bridges Islands where a short walk is made  about 15 minutes. During the return to the city of Ushuaia you will be delighted with the magnificent landscapes of the Martial mountain ranges.

ushuaia canal de beagle

Tierra del Fuego National Park

With more than 68 thousand hectares and  12 km from the city, it is one of the wonders of Tierra del Fuego. It is one of the few parks in the country that combines marine, forest and mountain environments, giving shape to the seacoast, lakes, valleys, extensive peat bogs and magnificent forests. six kilometers long on the Beagle Channel.  The coast also offers a wide variety of environments such as coves and headlands, which give shape to beaches and cliffs, the perfect refuge for fauna associated with the sea. In the southern part of the park is Lake Roca, which empties into the sea through the Lapataia River, which ends in the bay of the same name.

ushuaia  Parque Nacional

end of the world train

It is one of the most traditional excursions that is closely related to the history of the Ushuaia prison. There are 7 km of the original 23 of the route that the prisoners traveled from the prison to the forest. The train departs from the Fin del Mundo station, 8 km from the city of Ushuaia, makes a stop at La Macarena station to appreciate the waterfall of the same name, and ends its journey at the National Park station.

You can also combine it with a visit to Tierra del Fuego National Park.

ushuaia Tren-del-Fin-del-Mundo

Lake Fagnano

It is located about 100 km north of Ushuaia after crossing the Garibaldi Pass and its impressive viewpoint over the Escondido Lake.  It is one of the largest lakes in the world; with an extension of  98 kilometers, of which a large part is on the Argentine side (72.5 km)  while the remaining part (13.5 km) is in Chilean territory. On its shores there are many places of cabins and inns to stay, including camping. One of the main activities is sport fishing from the shore or on board.

Ushuaia lago fagnaro

Castor Hill

Traveling to the north of the city, along Route 3, you cross an area of valleys. In it are the ski centers, being the Cerro Castor the most famous, where in winter several activities can be carried out in addition to skiing, such as dog sledding, snowmobiles, snowshoeing, etc. Due to its location, the ski center has snow when others in the country have already closed the season. It offers more than 30 different slopes - a total of 34 skiable kilometers - just 25 kilometers from the city.

ushuaia cerro castor

End of the World Prison

It was a  jail  that worked between  1902  and  1947 . The harsh climatic conditions and the geographic isolation of the southernmost city in the world reinforced the security of the prison, intended for repeat offenders and highly dangerous common criminals and also sometimes used for  political detainees . It is located in front of the corner of the current Yaganes and Gobernador Paz streets in the city of  Ushuaia . It came to have five pavilions, which housed more than 500 inmates; arriving at the place was synonymous with life imprisonment. Today it functions as the Presidio Museum and the Maritime Museum.


Gastronomy of Ushuaia

Centolla: flavors of the highest and most exclusive international cuisine such as Centolla (King Crab), whose quality is world famous, is offered in many restaurants in the city. The Beagle Channel produces some of the best crabs in the world. They can be prepared in different ways such as chupe de centolla, which is shredded meat, with red pepper, bread, cheese, garlic, onion.  and cream or the spider crab mixed with tomato puree, onion, butter, salt and pepper.


Black Hake:  Very difficult to find even in the best restaurants in the world, here are typical dishes that make the most demanding palates fall in love. In front of these coasts, the conditions for fishing are given, at more than 1000 meters deep. The recipes can be varied, pickled hake, black hake with prawns, hake with ham and mashed potatoes and black hake with leek sauce, among others.


Fueguino lamb: roasted to the cross with a meat of a superior quality due to the high saline component that the natural pastures of the area have.


We must not forget about a wide range of craft beers, as in all of Patagonia, and high-quality chocolates

ushuaia centolla
ushuaia merluza negra

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