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He is one of thirteen  countries  that form the  Insular AmericaAntilles  or  Islands of the Caribbean Sea , one of the thirty-five of the  continent  american . Its capital and most populous city is  Kingston . It has 240  km  long and a maximum of 80  km wide. It's at 630  km from mainland  Central American , at 150  km south of  Cuba  already 180  miles west of  Haiti  and the  Dominican Republic  and about 621 km from  Puerto Rico . It was a possession  Spanish  known as "Santiago", between 1494 and  1655  when it was invaded by English troops. It then became an English possession, and later a British colony, known as "Jamaica". The island achieved its independence on August 6,  1962 .

Mapa de Jamaica que es uno de los trece países que forman la América Insular, Antillas o Islas del mar Caribe, uno de los treinta y cinco del continente americano.

How to get to Jamaica

Airplane:   there are two international airports, the Norman Manley  and the Donald Sangster which receives regular flights from cities in Europe and North America.

Ship:  It is a popular destination for many cruise ships, passenger ships and private yachts, which is why each year more than a million passengers arrive on the island. Most ships are concentrated in four or five ports.  They usually stop at Ocho Rios, Montego Bay or Falmouth.

Yacht: Many yachts arrive in Jamaica from North America. Upon arrival in Jamaica, it is mandatory to go through customs and immigration in Montego Bay, Kingston, Ocho Rios or Port Antonio. In addition, you have to go through customs at each port where you call.  

How to get around Jamaica

Plane: In Kingston, domestic flights typically use the Tinson Pen Marcus Garvey Dr airport 3km west of downtown.

Boat: Tourists can take day trips by boat, but there are currently no organized services to get from one point to another. Paradise Ferry has a ferry service between Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril.

Bus and public transport: the extensive public transport network connects practically all towns. There are public buses, private taxis, microbuses and route taxis or shared taxis. There are not many large units  for the roads are narrow and winding. Throughout the island there are bus stops at most road junctions.

Private microbuses: Known as coasters, they are the traditional mainstay of regional public transport. They cover practically all the towns and cities of the country.

Shared taxis: they are the means of transport  more widespread and reach all corners of the country.  

What to see in Jamaica


it is neatly divided into uptown and downtown, with both sections offering visitors a wide range of attractions.

The capital is zero for reggae music, and the beats can be heard throughout the streets both day and night. The frenetic street life is vibrant and energizing, historic buildings line bustling streets and exceptional museums exhilarating opportunities for exploration.

Kingston Kingston se divide perfectamente en uptown y downtown, y ambas secciones ofrecen a los visitantes una amplia gama de lugares de interés. de Jamaica

Devon's house

The house is  from  end of the 19th century, it has been beautifully restored and today is a museum dedicated to the life and work of George Stiebel, one of the richest native sons of the country. The house is ocher and white, full of chandeliers, porcelain and antiques. Guided tours take visitors through each of the rooms, including the secret room  of games of chance. The shady grounds are the perfect place to escape the sometimes sweltering heat, and the courtyards are surrounded by some of the best restaurants and shops in the country.

La casa de Devon  está  en Jamaica es  de  fin del siglo 19, ha sido bellamente restaurada y hoy es un museo dedicado a la vida y obra de George Stiebel,

Emancipation Park

A wide space of almost 3 hours. marked by majestic fountains, winding jogging tracks, and picnic areas. Small hidden speakers provide the soundtrack for the park, which is almost always reggae music. At its entrance, you will find a sculpture of figures of 3.5 meters  which is called "Redemption Song",  in honor of Bob Marley's native son

Parque de la Emancipación en Jamaica es un espacio amplio de casi 3 hs. marcado por majestuosas fuentes, sinuosas pistas para trotar y áreas de picnic.

National Gallery of Jamaica

It is one of the most notable museums in the country. The collection is a testimony to the artistic heritage of the country and a tribute to its contemporary works. Ten galleries represent the Jamaican school, including works by Edna Manley, John Dunkley, Albert Huie, and David Pottinger. Other galleries are devoted to popular and contemporary art, including works by Barrington Watson, Carl Abrahams, and David Boxer. Visitors can explore the Gallery alone or take a guided tour to illuminate the backdrops of exceptional works of art.

la Galería Nacional en Jamaica Es uno de los museos más notables del país. nacional de jamaica

Bob Marley Museum  

The  The musician's former home and studio has been converted into the Bob Marley Museum, housed in a wooden house. It is the most visited site in the city and it is easy to see why. One-hour tours provide the history  in the life and work of Marley. Many of his personal effects are on display, including Rastafarian religious cloaks, handwritten manuscripts and his star-shaped guitar. The recording studio at the back of the house has been transformed into a theater and showroom and each tour ends with a film of Marley's last days.

En Jamaica la  antigua casa y estudio del músico Bob Marley  se ha convertido en el Museo de Bob Marley, ubicado en una casa de madera.

The Blue Mountains or Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains National Park is the longest mountain range in Jamaica and includes the highest peak on the island, Blue Mountain Peak. But above all, this place is famous because one of the most expensive coffees in the world is grown here. The coffee plantations are more than 2000 meters high and the coffee bean is harvested by hand. In addition, these mountains are a magnificent viewpoint of the north and south coast of the island. On clear days you can see the shape of the island of Cuba.

Parque Nacional de las Blue Mountains es la cordillera montañosa más larga de Jamaica y que incluye el pico más alto de la isla, el Blue Mountain Peak.

Montego Bay

To the northwest of the island of Jamaica is Montego Bay. Here the coast is a long succession of fine sand beaches dotted with wooden houses painted in bright colours. This coastal area is perfect for snorkeling or snuba. The beach   Doctor's Cave beach is one of the most popular and visited in the bay and although it is private, we can enter by paying a small amount of money. There are 200 meters of white sand and a very calm sea, it is quite close to the city center.

Al noroeste de la isla de Jamaica está la Bahía de Montego. Aquí la costa es una larga sucesión de playas de arena fina salpicadas por casas de madera pintadas en colores chillones.

Blue Lagoon

It's not a beach, it's a lagoon. formerly known as the Blue Hole (the Blue Hole) because it was thought to have no bottom; it is now known to be about 55 meters deep.

It is a spectacle of colors; the turquoise of the water that mixes with the green of all the plants that surround the lake.

It was where the Brooke Shield movie, "The Blue Lake," was shot.

En Jamaica la Blue Lagoon  no es una playa, es una laguna, antes conocida como Blue Hole (el Agujero Azul)

Seven Mile Beach

Many times rated as one of the best beaches in the world, its orange sunsets are one of its  many attractions.  A 7-mile sandbank or, what is the same, 11 uninterrupted kilometers of beach.  It has all kinds of accommodation and restaurants, it has shallow waters and  spectacular sunsets. A few kilometers away you can go to Rick's Cafe to watch the divers in action from a height of approximately 10 meters directly into the waters of the Caribbean Sea.

En Jamaica la Seven Mile Beach calificada muchas veces como una de las mejores playas del mundo, sus atardeceres naranjas son uno de sus  muchos atractivos.

boston bay beach

Located in Portland on the east side of the island  It is known for being the birthplace of jerk food, a style of cooking in which meat is marinated with a mixture of hot spices. 

If you practice surfing, Boston Bay is a perfect destination, one of the best in all of Jamaica. For this reason you will see hordes of Jamaicans loaded with their surfboards to enjoy some waves.

Boston Bay beach  está situada en Portland al este de la isla  es conocida por ser la cuna de la comida “jerk”, un estilo de cocina en el que la carne es marinada con una mezcla de especias picantes. 

Jamaican cuisine

It is a set of culinary techniques of the  natives,   Spanish ,  british ,  africans ,  indians  and  chinese  that have inhabited the island. It is also influenced by the crops introduced to the island from the  Southeast Asian  tropical .  

Patty: typical patty which is a savory patty with meat inside, just like a patty or a samosa, but the seasonings are distinctly Jamaican. Look for empanadas filled with lobster, pork, chicken or even vegetarian ingredients, all with the spicy aroma of curry and island spices.  

jerk chicken:  it's a sauce  seasoning mix as  pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg. which is mixed with the Jamaican chicken raised with  locally grown foods resulting in a deliciously rich flavor.

Ackee and Saltfish:  is a combination of cod and the locally grown vegetable fruit Ackee whose taste is somewhat bland but sweet and contrasts with the salty fish which, when combined with the onion and peppers, makes for a delicious dish


Callaloo:   is a combination of  shredded taro or malanga leaves, diced pumpkin, hot chili pepper, coconut milk, onion, celery, cayenne pepper, thyme, parsley, and  salt to taste.


Escoviche:  the fish is marinated in vinegar, onion and spices for a dish that preserves and brings out the flavor of the ocean - fresh fish.

Gizzadas: It is the Jamaican version of a pastry, it is a cake filled with butter, fresh sugared coconut, ginger and nutmeg.

empanada típica que es un pastel salado con carne dentro, al igual que una empanada o una samosa, pero los condimentos son claramente jamaicano.
​es una combinación de bacalao y el fruto vegetal cultivado localmente: el Ackee cuyo sabor es un tanto soso, pero dulce.
es una salsa  mezcla de condimentos como  pimiento, canela y nuez moscada.que se mezcla con el pollo jamaicano
es una combinación de  hojas de taro o malanga trituradas, calabaza en cubitos, chile picante, leche de coco, cebolla, apio, pimiento de cayena, tomillo, perejil y  sal al gusto.

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