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It is an independent state constituted by an archipelago located to the north of the Caribbean islands with more than seven hundred  islands  (of which 24 are inhabited), located north of Cuba, Haiti and the Republic  Dominicana , southeast of the US state of  Florida  and east of the  Florida Keys . Its capital and most populous city is  Nassau , located on the island of  New Providence . The Bahamas is divided politically into a central district,  New Providence , and thirty-two local districts, governed by a total of twenty-five administrations reporting to the Governor General.

mapa de Bahamas Nassau

How to get to the Bahamas

By Plane: Nassau Lynden Pindling International Airport ( IATA : NAS) is the largest airport in the Bahamas. Most US airlines fly to Nassau.


By boat: Nassau is a favorite port of call for  many of the cruise ships that sail the Bahamas. Up to seven cruise ships can dock at the Prince George Wharf Cruise Terminal adjacent to downtown Nassau .

How to get around Nassau

Buses: they are quite interesting and entertaining since while driving  They inform about the local government, the different points of interest.

Car: you can rent a car in the large car rental shops that are in  Nassau .

Taxi: often minivans that  roam the streets of  Nassau  with  their yellow plates with  the inscription  "Cab".

water taxi:  is an available alternative to a taxi to get to Paradise Island from downtown.

What to see in the Bahamas


It is the capital and most populous city of the  Bahamas,  commercial and cultural center of the country  located on the northwest coast of the island of  New Providence . Founded in  1670, today it is a flourishing city that annually receives more than a million tourists. The city has a tropical climate and is a popular tourist destination for its natural beauty, for its colonial architecture and  various places of interest.  To the north it is attached to  Paradise Island an island of  2.7 km2 in length that has resorts of all kinds, hotels, restaurants, shops, nightlife, a golf course, an aquarium and a casino.

nassau Paradise_Island

Goverment house

Located in Nassau, it is a cheerful pink Georgian structure that tops Mount Fitzwilliam and houses the country's Governor General.  Walking in the gardens is permitted, but visitors must schedule interior tours in advance.

Twice a month visitors can attend  the changing of the guard and sitting down to tea with the Governor-General's wife.  

Bahamas Nassau_GovernmentHouse

Nassau Library and Museum

This octagonal-shaped building served as a prison in ancient times.

It is now a museum that houses, in what used to be the cells, a collection of photographs, books, artifacts and historical documents from The Bahamas.



Cable Beach

It serves as the perfect destination to spend a relaxing day in the sun. Known as the hotel district of Nassau, this area is home to massive hotels.

You can also take a stroll down to one of the area's public beaches and swim in the warm, sparkling Bahamian waters.

In this area a large number  of restaurants are found in hotels.

Bahamas Nassau_Cable Beach

Queen's Stairs

They are limestone stairs carved by hand, each of its steps commemorates a year of life of Queen Victoria of England.

These steps are located very close to Fort Fincastle and from its top  you can contemplate a spectacular view of Nassau.

Bahama s Nassau escalinata de la reina

Grand Bahama Island

It is located 90 km from the coast of  Florida ,  United States , has an area of approximately 1,373  km² . Most of the island's tourist attractions and resorts can be found in the bustling cities of Freeport and Lucaya. The beaches here are spectacular  like the soft, warm sand of Gold Rock Beach that boasts perfect diving conditions and great views of stingrays and starfish lingering near its sand. The idyllic beach of Taino which is surrounded by fabulous seafood restaurants. Secluded Barbary Beach offers an unobstructed shoreline and many tropical trees that provide shade.

bahamas isla gran bahama

long Island

It is one of the best destinations with impressive cliffs lined with colorful flowers and fishing villages that give this destination a calm and authentic atmosphere. The Tropic of Cancer divides Long Island into two magnificently scenic parts. The northern part of the island is known for its rugged and rocky terrain, the southern part has beautiful white beaches. Dean's Blue Hole is the world's deepest underwater sinkhole. Hamilton Cave features ancient drawings and artifacts left behind by the Lucayan Indians and like all of the Bahamas opportunities for sailing, swimming, diving and snorkeling abound.

long  ilands dean-s-blue-hole

The Exumas

It is an archipelago of 365 islands and islets that are located about 55 km from Nassau in a southwest direction. Bathed in the most intense blue in the world, they make up an exotic collection of dream places. Deserted beaches and ultra-exclusive resorts as well as islands designed for celebrities make this tropical paradise a real gem. They are currently divided into three large areas, Great Exuma and Little Exuma, which are famous for their tranquil landscapes and  the exuma cays place  of private residences, luxury resorts and apartments on the beach.

bahamas exuma

Berry Islands

Composed of a group of 30 islets, most of them are uninhabited kilometers of secluded beaches, many caves, cliffs, reefs and boats.  sunken in its seabed, as well as a blue hole of more than 180 m wide, precious species of fish and ancient. The Great Harbor Cay that  It is home to more than 11 km of magnificent beaches and one of the best protected ports in The Bahamas. It was formerly a golf resort for the rich and famous.  

bahamas the berry ilands

bimini top

A fisherman's paradise offering a tranquil Bahamas getaway with some intriguing historical threads. With North Bimini and South Bimini at its core, the Bimini Range is just 50 miles from Florida and was a magnet for avid sport fisherman Ernest Hemingway in the 1930s.  With popular dive sites including Victoria Reef, Rainbow Reef and Tuna Alley its  Rocky formations  they add touches of mystery to their islands.  

bahamas  Bimini

Bahamian Cuisine

Due to the great tourist development  that they have had for years, it is quite logical to find high-quality restaurants, from the very luxurious to modest bars where you can enjoy  the typical exotic dishes typical of the place. 

Snails: they prepare them as mincemeat, if it is to serve them as hamburgers, they chop them and mix them with onion and cereals. Snails are the flagship of Bahamian cuisine, the star of its cuisine.

Fish: the
  most consumed in the Bahamas are needlefish, tuna, grouper, sea bream, among many others. They accompany them with abundant salads,  fruit juices  and fruit desserts. For example, him  fish 'n' grits, which is cooked fresh fish accompanied by a corn dough and stew fish, fresh fish cooked with parsley, tomato, onion and different spices. 

Conch: (pronounced konk) typical fried, boiled or roasted dish with
  lobster, crabs, fish with grains, rice and beans.

Rock lobster: it is one of the many species of lobsters that are fished in the waters of the archipelago, eaten cooked, or as an ingredient in different dishes, basically salads.

Land crabs:  plate with  steamed land crabs.

Soups: such as pea soup and split pea in which legume grains are used, which is nothing more than a cream of peas or vegetable puree, which is very tasty.

Use: (pronounced sowse), is a soup typical of the Bahamas and unique in the entire Caribbean. It has as its only ingredients water, meat, lime juice, onions, peppers and celery. The meat used is generally chicken, veal bone, pig's feet or sheep's neck that
  They give it a special flavor. 

Fruits: they have a great variety such as bananas, papaya, pineapple and mangoes. In addition to
  soursops, sapodillas and jujubes.

Beer called Kalik among the typical drinks or coconut water mixed with milk and gin, and the Switcher , made with native lemons.


bahamas-sopa de pollo

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